Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wild Bird Collectibles

Incredible stained wooden soaring eagle.  The wing span is 24".  The sculpture is about 16" tall and 8" wide.

 The companion piece is a smaller at 11" tall and 4" wide. 

The bottom is signed in pencil, "MK."
 This is a Delano Studios collectible plate of  wild Quail.  It measures 10 1/4" across and was produced on Long Island in Setauket, in 1959.
 The marks on the reverse state that it is hand colored, and the Delano Studios coat of arms is centered.
A similar print of Quails appears on this Delano Studios  6" square tile.  
 The cork pad on the reverse bears the Delano coat of arms.
 This is an unusual pair of Delano Studios candle holders.  They measure 5" tall by 4" wide,

 with the Delano coat of arms stamped on the cork bottoms.
Blue Jays are the subject, flying through White Pine bows, complete with pine cones.
 These are  7 darling coasters with wild bird prints and felt backs.

They measure 4 1/4" x 3 1/2".
 Here's a collectible for the Nelson DeMille, and the Gold Coast fans.  A diminutive dish only 3" around and 1/2" deep, by the Delano Studios of Setauket, Long Island.  The Piping Plover is sporting a golf club.
 This little dish was made in 1973, for a 50th anniversary, and is a token from the Locust Valley country club that was made even more famous in his books about Long Island's North shore.
 A pair of Eagle bookends of white metal and marble.  They measure 7 1/4" overall and 5 1/2" wide. 

 One of the marble bases has suffered some damage on its corners.
They have a brass patina. 
 This is another Delano Studios plate with a print of a Grouse, from 1959.  The plate measures 10 1/4".  It is perched on a white Birch limb with winter berries in the background.
 the Delano Studios coat of arms is printed on the reverse.
 Pheasants fly in the brush on this Montauk mug.   It is 4" tall and is labeled "Long Island, N.Y.
 "American Ironstone by Tomlin Art Box 93, Islip, NY" is printed on the bottom.

 A pewter trimmed ceramic tile tray has a similar motif of flying pheasants.  This tray is typical of a line of trays that was produced by Delano.  the felt obscures the back of the tile, but the prints are very Delano.

 A Delano Studios plate, this time measuring 7 1/4" in diameter.  It is a flying Pheasant crossing over an Autumn Red Maple branch.
 the Delano coat of arms is on the reverse as well as 1962.

 Flying Pheasants abound and her is a tankard with a single bird taking flight.  the tankard measures 5" tall.
 The coat of arms is on the bottom with 1962.
 this Delano Studios tray dish with flying Grouse measures 5" x 7" and has a gold rim. 
 The hollow on the reverse enables this plate to be hung on a wall.  The Delano logo is printed on the back.
 It is about 1" deep.  Great for spare change and keys.
This is a wooden shore bird, maybe a Sandpiper.  He measures 9 1/2" overall and 6" wide.

A lovely Redwinged Blackbird decorates this lacy plate.  He is clinging to a piece of Pussy Willow.  This plate measures 9" across.
 The reverse states "Royal Cauldon Bristol Ironstone Made in England.  Redwinged Blackbird Design by Henry Pausch."

 This plate by the Delano Studios shows two Cedar Waxwings on a branch of a Cedar tree.  The plate is 7" in diameter.
 The reverse shows a portrait of John James Audubon, and states" published by the author 1827-30.  Hand colored by Delano Studios."
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