Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sea Gull Collectibles

 A metal enameled shallow dish depicts a Laughing Gull.  It measures 5 3/4" in diameter and is signed " M. Sercuff" in gold enamel to the right of the gull's head.

 Here is wonderful pair of bronze Sea Gull bookends.  They are soaring in such a graceful manner, and measure 7"  high by5 1/2" wide.  There seems to be "MAS" incised on the bottom of one of the bookends.

 A single Gull stands on a piling by the dock.   A fishing net is stretched across the corner boards and the end posts are decorated with a shell and a buoy.
 This little sculpture measures 5 1/2' across by 4" tall.

 A pair of Gulls watch over their nest which contains two baby birds. Their driftwood perch measures 7 1/2" long by 5" across.

 This stunning porcelain box topped with a Sea Gull is actually a music box.  It measures 5" tall and the diameter of the box is 4".

 The bottom is marked "Otagiri Japan, and the song is the Andy Williams' classic "More."

 Here are a pair of Sea Gulls on the dock.  They are tiny and sweet with a buoy and a fishing net.  Just waiting, just waiting for a morsel to come their way.

 Here one of the pair of gulls is watching and waiting, whole the other is coming in for a landing.  They are on a driftwood stand which measures 7" long by 4 1/2" deep. 

 A pewter pin show a Gull in flight.  He is 2" wide by 1 3/4" tall.
 The reverse shows the clasp and a loop for a chain if desired to be worn as a necklace.
 How charming, a pair of metal enameled earrings of Sea Gulls.  They measure 3/4" across, and are posts with the push in backing.

 A single Gull lands on a piling decorated with a buoy and a sea shell.  It measures 5 3/4" tall by3 1/2" wide.

 A black ink drawing of a Laughing Gull decorates this white sea shell.  The artist, Lee Decker was a local artist in Northport.  The shell measures 5" x 5".

 Here comes another Sea Gull for a landing on a piece of driftwood.  His perch is decorated with a mini buoy, and measures 5" wide by 5 1/2' tall.

 A tiny slice of wood contains a Sea Gull flying away over the sea.  Remarkable and only 1 1/2' wide.  The reverse shows the vintage clasp.
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